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New Opportunities

Business model innovation is one kind of disruptive innovations that will bring new effect on the market and bring challenges to the incumbent firm. It will enlarge the existing economic pie by attracting new customers or by encouraging existing customer to consume more.

 Chapter (PDF): New Opportunities


Driving-Electirc-mobilityLemo textbook

First cities examples of good practice of new mobility

In June 2012, a total of 7,000 electric vehicles were registered in Norway. This puts Norway on the first position in the use of electric vehicles.



 Chapter (PDF): First cities examples of good practice of new mobility


2015-Tesla-Model-S-P90D-PLACEMENTDocumentary about Tesla Motors.

Learn everything about quickest self driving car, fastest charging stations and home energy storage of tomorrow.

Watch video (YouTube): Documentary about Tesla Motors.



Lemo textbook

Circular economy

The circular economy is touted as a practical solution to the planet’s emerging resource crunch. Reserves of key resources such as rare earth metals and minerals are diminishing, while exploration and material extraction costs are rising.

Chapter (PDF) : Circular economy