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LEMO final conference in Zagreb – 25.4.2017

Posted byNejc Juricon26 04 2017. Comments Off on LEMO final conference in Zagreb – 25.4.2017

As all good things so is Lemo coming to an end. Zagreb school for street traffic held final conference for Lemo, regional e-mobility brange and EV owners.


There is nothing better than a good morning coffee and so did that conference start with a coffee. 

We spend first half of the day in auditorium where Lemo partner schools presented their part in the project. We were introduced to sustainable energy praxis that they employ on schools building and to electric mobility subject that is available at their school. This was followed by presentations from regional e-mobility branges.  Attendees were informed about HEP´s plan for EV charging station infrastructure expansion followed by Spin City car sharing service in Zagreb where one third of the fleet consist of electric VW Up!´s. Other presenters were from Croatian Post, City office of Energy, Natures park Medvednica and Narodne Novine (newspaper company).


After the companies presentations stage was offered to EV owners. Saša Cvetojević shared his experience with electric vehicles, namely with his Tesla Model X. He talked about features that are available in Tesla cars an will be soon employed by other mass market electric vehicles.

So many information was shared and we couldn´t wait anymore to see it firsthand. We moved from auditorium to school´s court where we found many electric cars and bikes as well as few charging stations. Companies and EV users invited visitors to try and experience electric mobility and were open to discuss about various topics regarding their product, electric mobility and changes that are happening.

It was time for lunch and it was about time. Everybody was hungry already.

Our bellies filled with delicious canapes and few sweets we were ready to tackle Lemo progress. Teams presented their work which was followed by a short discussion after each presentation. Avantcar showed working and completed web-page, educational videos and knowledge test. Other teams added few finishing touches and ideas and we were ready to check final documentation.

After the official part we shared our thoughts for the future, how we could improve Lemo web-page, keep it up to date and how to involve promising students from partner schools.

This ended the working part of the conference and it was time to relax at a fabulous restaurant.