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EV’s charging history

Since the first appearance of Electric Vehicle in mid 19th century, there has been a need for EV charging technology.

Basics about EV charging

Due to the rise of EV sales in last years, EV charging infrastructure has become a big talking point in electric mobility.

Charging technology

One important thing to understand when we talk about Electric Vehicles charging is that speed of charging is not the same during the charging process.

About the batteries.

An electric car battery is used to power the electric motor in an electric car. They are designed to give power over sustained period of time.

Battery system in electric vehicles

The successful introduction of electric vehicles on the market is highly dependent on the availability of
battery technology.

Charging stations

One can always wake up to fully charged Electric Vehicle at home. But there are many charging alternatives for when we are on the go.

Electric Vehicles infrastructure.

Electric vehicle charging ports are elements of infrastructure that supply electric energy for recharging of Electric Vehicles. Charging stations may offer one or broader rnager of connectors.

Battery recycling

While the environmental benefits of electric and plug in hybrid vehicles are clear, they do come with certain challenges.