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Electric Vehicle explained

What is electric vehicle and how does it work? Short educational video.

Driving an electric car

Driving an electric car is a special experience: quiet, sporty and with zero emission while driving.

Electric Vehicles

What is an electric vehicle? What kind of EV’s can we find in traffic? How does an electric vehicle work? What is the difference between EV and a conventional vehicle?

About the electric car

Electric cars have the potential to transform the way the world is moving. They can increase energy
security by diversifying the mix of fuels.

History of electric vehicles

The history of electric cars began in the mid 19th century, and the invention of the electric car is attributed to various inventors.

Electric vehicle types

What happens when you combine an electric power train with internal combustion engine and put it in one vehicle?

Tesla Model S

Let your imagination loose with quickes, safest and most inovative electric car.

BMW i3

Cruise around the city with this premium, urban carbon fiber electric vehicle.

EV vs IC vs Hybrid

Eco-friendly vehicles have emerged as an attractive alternative to gas-powered cars. Drivers looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint will also enjoy knowing that driving a fuel-efficient car is a financially smart move.