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slovenia-hiEconomic efficiency of EVs in Slovenia

The nonrefundable incentive money for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars in 2016 varies between 3.500 € and 7.500 €. Citizen with approved state incentive is also allowed to ask for a loan for the environmental investment.

CroatiaEconomic efficiency of EVs in Croatia

Efficiency of an electric vehicle is 80% while efficiency of an internal combustion car is only 36%. Taking into account losses from charge/discharge, the consumption of an EV is 15-20 kW/h per 100 km. This would be at a daily rate around 15-20 croatian kunas.

FIEconomic efficiency of EVs in Finland

The purchase price is currently the largest single electric vehicle cost item.

Flag-SpainEconomic efficiency of EVs in Spain

The implementation of the electric vehicle in Spain and in the specific way in a city of Barcelona has been possible so far because of the different actions and incentives promoted at govermental level.