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EVs and the environment

Throughout the history of the development of the cities, people have always had to adapt to living conditions that deviate from the natural to enjoy the benefits offered by life in the urban environment.

EVs pollution

The main issue today is: Are Electric Vehicles completely ecological or do they pollute the environment much more than we think they do.

The procedures and measures to reduce environmental pollution

The effect of pollutants to the environment is reflected globally in climate change, at the regional level in the emergence of acid rain and locally in the appearance of smog.

Sustainable EV manufacturing and recycling.

Real case study of sustainable vehicle manufacturing, recycling process and circular economy.

Renewable energy

There are many forms of renewable energy. Most of these renewable energy depend in one way or another on sunlight.

Benefits of the renewable energy

Each source of renewable energy has unique benefits and costs and they provide a substantial benefits for our environment and economy.

Renewable energy costs

Besides our overall worldwide well being, renewable energy sources have vast economical potential and applications.