Is it true that you would like to learn about electric mobility?

If you really do want to learn, then dive in the content that LEMO team produced for you. Get your basic knowledge through e-book chapters and then upgrade that knowledge through videos. You will be able to check how much have you learned after each video. You will have few second to figure out your answer on each qeustion and write it down. After you complete your short exam, video will provide you with correct answers.

What is electric mobility?

Electric mobility happens due to the result of a modern society merged together with an urban environemnt. It can be defined as a transportation of persons and/or goods with a vehicle that is using electric motor and an on board rechargable battery pack.

How does electric mobility work?

Real electric mobility is having on board battery pack that supplys the vehicles electric motor. As we have familiarized ourselves by now, trends are moving away from fossile fuel engines and towards electric motors.

Why should you decide for electric mobility?

The world as we know it today is startting to accept electric mobility as something we are going forward to.